Saturday, November 22, 2014

Four Square

Four Square

36" x 36" Mixed Media on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Contemporary Rooster Painting
Four Square is a large square canvas, with four rooster images painted with wide brush strokes.  Each rooster is painted differently, as if they have their own personality and individuality.  The close-up image below shows that there is an abstract quality to the images of these fun roosters.  I amped up the color, and exaggerated the features on the fine feathered creatures.

Here is a closer look at the rooster in the top right corner of the painting.  As you can see, there are layers of paint, ink and oil sticks on the canvas.  Since this is on a gallery wrap canvas, a frame is optional.  This contemporary rooster painting is looking for a new Kay if you are interested in this painting.  Thanks, Kay

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