Saturday, July 12, 2014


24" x 36" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Contemporary Wildflower Landscape Painting

Still sitting on my easel, this one needs time to dry.  I loved the size of the canvas...and I am glad that I painted it vertically.  The sides of the canvas are painted, so framing is optional.  If you like a clean, contemporary look I think it looks great without a frame.  

I pulled out some new colors for the sky....mixing, mixing, and more mixing so that I had plenty of piles of turqoise, transparent orange, purpley/blues, greys and greens.  My under painting was a transparent red and orange, and then I layered mixtures of unltramarine blue, diox purple, cobalt, white and grey for the wildflowers.  This painting took all week to paint because I did not want to create mud with the paint, so layers needed to set-up so I could go back into the colors without creating a big mess.

Inspiration for this painting were photos of the hill country taken on a trip last spring...fields of color went on and on....and I wanted these flowers to fade into the horizon, and the sky to have a red hot flaming feel to it.  Thanks for looking at this Kay with any questions or comments.  Have an artful day!  Kay

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