Monday, March 17, 2014

Blue Skies Ahead by Kay Wyne

Blue Skies Ahead
24" x 36" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Contemporary Wildflower Landscape
This painting is completed, signed and drying on my easel.  Broad brush strokes, palette knife work, and vivid colors are characteristics found in the contemporary landscape.  Blue Skies Ahead was a challenge for me, and it went through several phases before I was able to call it completed.  

I started this painting with a base coat of turquoise---and in some places that paint peeks through.  The colorful sky and fast moving clouds were easy to put in, and I was careful to keep my darks dark; lights light; and mid-tones mid-tones.  I used a large filbert and huge amounts of paint for that.  

I was able to put in the background with some muted greys, lavenders, and greens.  The foreground colors were not easy to mix.  I wanted golden ochres, earthy greens and violet blues.  The blue bonnets have four and five different colors of blues, mostly applied with the palette knife.  I put a road in, with it fading off into the background.  More landscapes to come.  Contact Kay for more information on this painting.  Thanks for viewing....Kay

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