Sunday, February 16, 2014


20" x 20" Oil on Gallery Wrap Canvas
Contemporary Cow from the Ft. Worth Stock Show
I just finished this painting yesterday in the studio.  John and I had gone over to the Ft. Worth Stock Show a few weeks ago, and I was taking a few pics when we were walking through the barns with long-time friend Scott Schwerer, from Blandinsville, Illinois.  He is a cattle guy....and we learned alot, saw alot and had fun that day.  I don't know what this cow's name really is, but John Wyne appropriately named her Cowgirl.  That works for me.  
Here are a few photos of Day #1:  when I drew the cow out on the canvas and started doing my rough sketching.  I started with a 20" x 20" canvas, and painted a base color of a Titan Buff so that I was not working on a stark white canvas.  Some artists draw with charcoal or pencil, but I skip that part and go straight for my brush and oils.  I don't have enough patience to go through a detailed drawing...all I want to do is paint my subject matter.  
Here I was putting in my darks, using dark violets and transparent reds and browns.  I also decided to put in the background color of an icey blue/grey, which is opaque and will make my subject matter pop on the canvas.  It will just be background, so I used a two inch flat brush and laid it in, not spending much time on it.
On Day #2: I was adding more layers of paint and putting in the darks again.  The eyes are not set in, just scrubbed in.  I have thick brush strokes of paint to indicate the beautiful fluffy coat.  The cattle at the Ft. Worth Stock show were well groomed and very handsome and I wanted the coat to look clean and fluffy.  I did not want any muddy colors on tthe canvas....
Yesterday, Day #3:  I was spending more time on the snout and eyes of this cow...and putting some mid-tones in since I usually loose them along the way.  As you can see, I had a reference photo and used it for the basics, but used my artistic license to make Cowgirl my own.  I darkened the nostrils up and put some whiskers and eye lashes on Cowgirl, and signed the painting!  Cowgirl is looking for a new home once she Kay with any comments or questions on this painting.  
Thanks for looking at this blog.....Kay

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