Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Floral Bouquet

Floral Bouquet
30" x 30" Oil on Canvas
Contemporary Floral Painting
I was looking at some of my paintings from several years ago, and noticing how my brushstrokes have changed, along with my color palette.  I may re-paint this floral arrangement, then compare my paintings.  It has been about fifteen years since I created this floral and I have hundreds of paintings under my belt since.  My strokes are looser, my compositions are very seldom centered, and I am more aware of the light and shadows.  I still love color, texture and still-life set-ups.  I am back from a week in Illinois, and ready to hit the studio and paint for myself.  October was full of receptions, parties, a studio tour, and "stuff" that got in the way of easel time.  I plan to paint daily until the holidays.  Thanks for viewing....KMW

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