Monday, May 6, 2013

Friendly In Fredericksburg

Friendly In Fredericksburg
18" x 24" Oil on Canvas
On a recent Hill Country trip, John and I stayed in Fredericksburg for five days.  We were staying at a cute B & B in town, and every morning we heard a rooster crowing.  After the second morning, I took off with my camera and found this beautiful Rhode Island Red and his owner....who kindly allowed me to take some pictures in his backyard.  This rooster was colorful, friendly, fast and loud.  Here is a photo of the rooster and hens...right in the city limits of Fredericksburg!
Thanks for looking at the art here on this blog.  If you are interested in "Friendly In Fredericksburg" please contact me.  He will look great all framed up!  Kay at 214-532-0325 or

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