Thursday, November 17, 2011

Mac the Rooster

Mac the Rooster
Palette Knife Painting on 10" x 17" Raymar Panel
This palette knife painting was inspired by a kitchy wooden rooster from Macomb, Illinois. Mary Karas liked roosters, and this one had a prominent place in the Karas kitchen. I remember it well, as I spent many hours at their house growing up. Mrs. Karas gave me this rooster years ago, and it has been roosting in the Wyne kitchen.
Here is the wooden rooster next to the painting. I jazzed up the feathers and exaggerated the length of his neck, and added some color to him. He does have personality! It will probably take months to dry since the paint is very thick. I did not use a brush, only palette knives. Mac was fun to paint, especially since he has a history! Thanks to Mrs. Karas for passing this fine rooster on to the Wyne family, and thank you for viewing this blog and my art. Kay at 214-532-0325 or

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