Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Triptych Commission: Sold
This is a commission piece that I painted, and I had several guidelines. First, it had to be a horizontal piece, only 24 inches high. It could be any length because the designated wall was very large. Secondly, my color scheme was limited, but not limited. My client asked that I use the following colors: Blue, just not purpley blue. Metallic silver, and dash of orange would be fun. No bright blues. No yellow. No sage green. No pink. Taupe, silver, neutrals, black, turquoise, dash of purple, little bit of red, browns, whites, beiges would all be good to use.

I revisited this painting because I hope to start another triptych this week. It will be totally different, probably an abstract aspen painting. I won't have any guidelines or limitations on the painting that I will start today. Thanks for checking on my blog...more art to come. Kay

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