Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Taste the Race

Taste the Race
16" x 20" Oil on Canvas, Framed
Sold at Taste of the NFL Silent Auction in Ft. Worth, Texas
Thank you, Steve!!!
We are back from Ft. Worth and had a wonderful time with all the Super Bowl festivities...It was a fun time, met lots of neat people and helped raise money for Taste of the NFL...I know that the final talley is not in...We met chefs and football players from all over the country. The volunteers working the events were wonderful. Lizzie Brown was the event coordinator for the event on Saturday was really a wonderful bash. I am sure that Taste will have some pictures of the event. We all were struggling through the ice and snow (which we are not use to in Texas) last week. The weather did not put a damper on the fun. Now we are having another blast of nasty cold weather....I don't think I can go to the studio today because of the snow and ice. I think I will be at home working on paperwork and computer postings ---- I have a large commission due next week and need to get in gear to finish those paintings up. Thanks to the new owner of this painting...I believe his name is Steve from Minnesota....I met him briefly. Thanks for participating and I am thrilled that this painting has a new home! Kay

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