Thursday, November 18, 2010

Cedars Open Studio Tour

I am not posting a painting today...yesterday I struggled at the easel, and attempted to finish a commission piece. It was one of those days. So today I am going to paint what I want to paint. We are also busy hanging art and cleaning up the studio for the tour. Here is some information on The Cedars if you are not familiar with this neighborhood in Dallas.

Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010: 12 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Cedars Open Studios Tour

The Cedars is home to fine artists and craftsmen working in every genre. Their studios, just south of downtown, have helped the neighborhood come alive. Once a year the studios are open to the public. Come see where ideas are created, and where art, community and economic development come together to make the Cedars such a unique area of Dallas.
The eight annual Cedars Open Studios is your opportunity to learn about the neighborhood and the numerous professional artists and craftsmen residing in the Cedars. The artist studios are open year around by appointment, but once a year, they open on the same day, giving visitors a chance to really experience a creative, evolving neighborhood.
About The Cedars Neighborhood - Historically, the Cedars was among Dallas’ first elegant neighborhoods, named after the forest of cedar and oak trees lining its streets. The Cedars became home to some of Dallas’ great leaders, including Alexander Sanger, of Sanger-Harris and Stanley Marcus, of Neiman-Marcus. The Cedars also boasted Dallas’ first old city park (now Heritage Village), the city’s first water pump station, its first telephone exchange, first zoo, and numerous stately mansions.
As Dallas grew, the Cedars, already home to many of the city’s leading businesses, embraced the new industrialization. The quiet, Victorian village, perched on the south edge of Downtown Dallas, became a thriving industrial center with factories and warehouses, such as the old Sears-Roebuck building (now South Side on Lamar lofts), which is home to numerous artists and civic leaders. Eventually, as commerce evolved, the Cedars became ripe for a new wave of people who realized the potential of this convenient, eclectic and historic neighborhood. These people are now transforming the Cedars into a unique community that nurtures vibrant, creative people who enrich Dallas with character and culture. The Cedars Open Studio Tour is an annual celebration of this evolving, eclectic neighborhood. Visit for a map of the tour and more information.

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