Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Coop Tour: Do you know what a Coop Tour is?
(From Webster’s Dictionary)
Coop: 1 : a cage or small enclosure (as for poultry); also : a small building for housing poultry
Tour: 1 a : one's turn in an orderly schedule

Several weekends ago, John Wyne and I did the Dallas Coop Tour on a Sunday afternoon….all over Dallas, Texas. We went on a Coop Tour. Basically, it was a tour around the neighborhood, viewing the chicken coops. Actually, it was very interesting…it took us four hours (with map in hand) to hit eleven coops inside the Dallas city limits. Not out in the country! I got lots of pics of roosters, chickens, and even a turkey. Lots of great painting material!

Coop is the name of this feathered friend….this painting did not have a name until yesterday, when Pam Massar at The Dutch Art Gallery named him….for the Coop Tour. This contemporary oil painting is on a 30” x 30” canvas. I used lots of oil paint on him…I hope to be posting some more paintings from our little tour. I hope that you have a great day! Thanks for viewing this blog! Feel free to contact me for more information on my art.

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  1. Kay, I like this big guy better than the first rooster you did. His eye ia amazing - the whole head is very well done. Way to go. Can't wait to see the rest from the Coop Tour.