Friday, March 13, 2009

Antique Floral

This 11" x 14" is on a canvas in oils. The paint is pretty thick on the flowers, and very painterly. I need to go buy some fresh flowers --- it has been a while since I have painted any florals. I painted this with Mary Dolph Wood, a Taos, New Mexico artist. I fell in love with her work when John and I were in Santa Fe and Taos a couple of years ago. I contacted her, and she came to my house for a painting lesson. She was visiting her daughter in Plano, and carved out a day to talk to me and work with me on my art. It was a wonderful experience. Mary spent alot of time with me, showing me how she sets up her still lifes, and then we did a paint-a-long. Of course I liked her painting better than mine!

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