Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lamb Chops

Lamb Chops is a bit whimsical with some vibrant colors. I used wide brush strokes and did not over paint her. If Lamb Chops could talk, I think she would have a lot to say and have a very charming personality. This painting is sold.
I started a mule painting last week after visiting Fuel City Gas Station in Dallas, and realized that mules are not as interesting as lambs. Or at least it seemed that way. I took pictures of a mule and longhorns....right in the in downtown area of Dallas. It is an amazing place to visit--- a person can fill up on gas, look at the livestock and eat the best tacos in Texas!


  1. Lamb chops is adorable! I also saw your donkey on your easel and he/she is really neat too. I love the colorful backgrounds that you give them........... it compliments their shadows and detail. Good job!

  2. Since I'm the proud owner of "Lambchop", I get to enjoy the original image.